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Working Stewdios

On the ground floor space of our three floor building, over twenty individual Stewdios share spaces for co-working. Our yard and performance space, active daily, make for high visibility workspaces — aside from working artists, we're able to sustain galleries, stores and production companies. Everything from a synthesizer factory, painters, recording studio and barbershop share our ground floor Stewdios.

603 Upstairs

Casa Experimental

Casperelectronics \ Nonhorse

Cleanliness Residency Program

Content Media Systems

Disclaimer Gallery

Gravesend Recordings

Love Over Gold + The Halfnormal

Mellow Pages Summer Vacation @ Silent Barn

Past working stewdios

1989 Recordings

Bad Seeds Vintage + Barber Shop

Big Law Country Club Gallery

Claire Wood

Crypt Keeper 14

Gear and Needle


Martha Moszczynski

Merch and Destroy

Sidney Russell

Stew Bird

The Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture

Title:Point Productions

Triangle Instinct