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Performance Booking

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If you're interested in organizing a show at Silent Barn or if you want to perform here, send us a message using the form below.
Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers here — it is usually very difficult for us to field requests from individual bands. Most successful submissions happen when a performer/booker organize an entire evening.
Unfortunately we cannot respond to everybody. If you haven’t heard back, we encourage you to contact other spaces such as Shea Stadium, Palisades Aviv, C’mon Everybody, and Cake Shop.
We ask for all bands and bookers to read our Safer Spaces Policy.

Performance Booking Inquiry

To help save time and confusion for the both of us, here are a few FAQs:
Q: Who reads these emails? How do you decide who gets to play?
A: Our Calendar Team, a group of ~3 volunteer (curators / admins) read submissions and vote on every event that goes onto the calendar. They pick events on the basis of serving our volunteer body, supporting a wide varieties of scenes and disciplines, meeting the financial needs of the space, and prolly their own personal obsessions, tbh. Our entire shows team has over a dozen members!
Q: Does Silent Barn pay performers?
A: Yes!! We charge a cover at events (typically $7-$10) and give artists 75% of the door cut. 25% goes to pay staff and house expenses. Alternate cuts can be negotiated, especially in the case of touring bands or fundraisers. In 2013 we paid over $75,000 to performers. Because staff, electricity and space cost money, we are rarely able to put on free events at night. If you would like to do a free event, consider proposing it between the hours of 4 and 9!.
Q: What backline gear do you have?
A: Check our backline list. We provide a sound person for every event.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: The space is typically open from 4 – 1 on weekdays. Hours vary on the weekends, though we often have daytime programming on the weekends. Most shows are from 8-12, but we love to do "happy hour" events such as readings and panels, daytime events on the weekends, and late nights on Fridays and Saturdays. We try to keep the space active as much as possible while respecting our neighbors and residents.
Q: Can I visit the space to see it and talk to somebody from the space?
A: Stop by any afternoon between 4 and 8 to check out the space and talk to a cafe employee! Or, to see the space in action, stop by most any night after 8pm (check our calendar to make sure we're open) — let the door person know you'd like to talk to talk to the host and we'll often be able to show you through and chat.