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Barn Art

Silent Barn as a multidisciplinary space hosts visual, installation, and sound art throughout the building.
We call this the public art, or barn art, that describes all art made within the space and outdoors that is not in a stewdio or in one of our galleries. Basically bridging all public spaces at Silent Barn are murals and art done by artists that submit to the barn and create work that can be up for three months to years in the space.

Alyssa Yohana

Anna Rindos


Brian Blomerth

Canned Ham


Ditko Zine Library

G Lucas Crane

Genevieve Hoffman

Issac T. Lin

Johnny Y3

Lena Hawkins

Luca Chiriani

Morgan Blair

Preston Spurlock

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Show Paper Box

Sto Len

Tape Museum

Tristan Perich

Troll Master 2000



Past galleries

Aimee Hertog

Arielle Avenia

Big Law Country Club Gallery

Chrissy Reilly and Elaine Winter

Crypt Keeper 14


Eli Lehrhoff

Emily North

Hannah Thompson

HAWKiTORI Dinner Club

Jackie Du

Jason McLean

Kate Kosek

Killer Acid and Caca Pasa

Kosek / Boatz

Lena Hawkins

Martha Moszczynski

Mary Houlihan

Matthew Brennan

Megan Moncrief

Michael Seymour Blake

Morgan Blair


Nick Chatfield-Taylor

Peter Edwards

Sun Color


The Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture