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Fri, April 27 '18 – Sat, April 28 '18


The ice cream social is an event in Richmond VA, that we created to center space for black trans, queer, gender non conforming and non binary folks (along with other folks of color) to be able to ply the kinds of music that we wanted to hear. As the dedicated venues for queer folks are very limited in our area, and when we asked for certain types of music- we were told things like “come back on urban night for that”. We wanted to provide a wide variety of music for our people to dance to, while centering space for people like us- so that we could feel in control and at liberty for the night in the former capital of the confederacy. We’ve been doing the ice cream social for a year now- and decided to take the party on tour to team up with friends and venues along the east coast who hold values for centering space for people that need it




Bronze Goddess


Jafar Flowers as Pink Panther