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The XXIVth HOUR: A Song of Ice & Fire & Fury

Sat, February 17 '18


Come gather, ye damn├ęd souls. Hark. Fucking HARK, my pretties! The XXIVth Hour RETURNS FROM THE DEPTHS OF HADES TO OBLITERATE YOUR SOUL...WITH...THEATER?!??

What started as a series of Julia Child's early cooking recipes has evolved through the centuries into the most entertaining, deliberately chaotic theater festival in all of this great city and this very bad country! We write plays for you on Friday night, because we are NICE and also LONELY, and then rehearse and perform those plays for you the very next day! Again because we are SO VERY LONELY.

That means you could be in for ANYTHING! A formulaic frat comedy about two competing cults, or a Mean Girls-style clique of young women trying to fuck their dads (??!?!?), or perhaps the story of a high school power couple learning life lessons from a polyamorous Australian(-ish) exchange student. HATE THOSE EXAMPLES? SAME. BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, WE ALREADY DID THEM SO YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO SEE THEM.

So brave the cold this February 17th at the magnificent Silent Barn, and we will warm you with LAUGHTER! And alcohol that will help more probably. Enjoy the show that Fictional Detective Marvin Gardens once called: "What is this interview for? Did someone say I've gone soft?? Listen, pal, I'm hard. Believe you me. I'm never soft. Never have been, never will be. Nope. Hard. Very hard. Why, what have you heard?"

That was weird, huh? DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. WORRY ABOUT GETTING TO OUR AMAZING SHOW! We're going to do SUCH a good job, once our show is done, 31 days later SPRING WILL COME.

Join us! You shan't regret it!! Or shan you??

Pon, pon, pon!

Tickets $10 in advance / at the door