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SMHOAKSTOCK VII: Smhoak's Talk II: The Year Without a Stadium

Tue, December 12 '17 – Tue, December 12 '17


Brought to you by Shea Stadium, Silent Barn and Detective Squad, SMHOAKSTOCK VII: SMHOAK’S TALK II: THE YEAR WITHOUT A STADIUM

Smhoakstock is a 24-hour event with a focus on the mostly-joyous self-destruction of one man, Smhoak Mosheein (Eli Lehrhoff), in the presence of his closest friends, creative heroes, and complete strangers and for the viewing pleasure of all.

Now in it’s seventh year, Smhoakstock began as a fairly private act of musical numerological self-flagellation, turned into a 24-hour marathon jam featuring most of brooklyn’s shining stars and beyond, before mutating into a similarly marathoned talk/variety show, Smhoak’s Talk, featuring the who’s who of who’s who and who’s interesting and who showed up.

LOGISTICS: Taking a jaunt to the SIlent Barn this year while it’s permanent home, Shea Stadium, is briefly without a physical location, Smhoakstock begins at the stroke of midnight the morning of Dec 12th and runs for the subsequent 24 hours. The entire day of interviews, music, and nonsense is streamed live at

12am - 8pm will take place in Detective Squad (11 Stanwix St) in the Silent Barn stewdios. While the space is too small to invite a live studio audience, people are invited to stream online or pass by and watch + listen through the glass.

8pm-midnight FINALE will take place in the Silent Barn performance space and everyone is invited. Regular show logistics. Come on down.

LINEUP INCLUDES: modular magus M. Geddes Gengras upstanding upstarts Sweat Equity sublime spouses Courtship Ritual Kill Alters’ combustible Bonnie Baxter the 420 kid herself, GobbinJr soundsmashing songsmiths Yvette gorgeous good vibe goobers Fits generative genius Lazurite rawkous rain men Casas that distracted detonation War Bubble the Shea Stadium All-Star Band members of the insano band Guerilla Toss superstar poet NM Esc the people’s artist George Ferrandi radioshockjock MP Lockwood incorrigable compassionate capitalist Kunal Gupta aggravating nerd with a heart of gold leaf Jared Hiller internet impresarrio Sonya Belakhlef video game vigilante Kevin Chen the honorable wordsmith Peter Mills Weiss Pill’s resident rising writer Andrew Spaulding mr. diy Joe Ahearn no clever description needed for Nora Dabdoub the king of the scene Walter Wlodarczyk the non-copywrite-infringing time-travelling teen and a shocking number of surprises

hosted by Smhoak Mosheein

produced by Jo Kegan Zema and Smhoak Mosheein