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Puerto Rico Fundraiser: Ava Mendoza / Brandon Lopez / S.P.I.C.

Wed, December 6 '17

Party for Puerto Rico: Hurricane Relief

This September, 2017, Puerto Rico was rocked by Hurricane Maria, flooding the island, leading to hundreds of deaths, and destroying infrastructure and communication. Months later people are still struggling to get running water, meet food needs, and restore their homes.

While Trump mocks the needs of people in Puerto Rico, the US government offers paltry help, predatory companies like Whitefish Energy scoop up disaster relief money without providing services, and resources shipped from grassroots groups disappear en route to the island, anarchists and grassroots groups have stepped up to bring food, labor and longterm solutions to people who have dire needs.

From preparing community meals to helping people sort through wreckage to building gardens for sustainable food production, these folks are helping people meet immediate needs and building towards self-reliance that challenges a hundred years of colonial subjugation. Unlike NGOs who pay themselves for their 'work' and set up infrastructure that will ultimately benefit companies back in the US, anarchist groups voluntarily build DIY infrastructure that economically meets the needs of neighbors while strengthening their communities.

Come out to fundraise for the anarchist groups who are putting down work for the long and short term!!

Music by: Ava Mendoza

Brandon Lopez