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Letters in the Dirt

Sun, December 3 '17


Letters in the Dirt is an immersive, participatory journey through the memories of the late Aiyana Jones, shot and killed in 2010 by an officer during a botched police raid in Detroit on the wrong home. The piece strives to honor her, combining ritual, games, poetry, music, and group collaboration to explore the meaning of ownership and black joy, how symbols are made and used, different ways of being small, and all the ways black folks create beginnings.

Letters in the Dirt is a new play written and directed by Rosie DeSantis, presented by an independent coalition of producers and designers from the WOW Café Theater, the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU, and Espii Studios.

"You will find yourself in a dark place with a lot of other people. It is May 17, 2010. Aiyana Mo'Nay Stanley-Jones is seven years old. Aiyana Mo'Nay Stanley-Jones is dead. You will find that you've been given an object. The game is this: Aiyana is new here. Use your object to help her realize where she is."

There will be two showings of this play

Tickets for Early show at 7:30

Tickets for Late show at 9:30