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The 24th Hour

Sat, September 16 '17


Long blast on an ancient shofar THE TIME HAS COME!

As the summer dies, and reminds us that so, too, shall we all, we're gonna have FUN by MAKING THEATER (???!) The magical, the mystical, the sensual Brooklyn theater festival is upon us! We present to you: The 24th Hour!

A theater festival cobbled together in one day, we bring together five original short plays written the previous night and rehearsed throughout the day by plucky, exhausted actors. I'd tell you more, but we don't know what else the show will hold yet! You might see a bellhop murder mystery, the odyssey of a former US president's foray into the elderly stripper community, or a father-son trip to a cheap, off-brand Disney World. Oh, you lucky dogs, you!!

So please come join us on Saturday, September the 16th at 8, in Bushwick's crown jewel, the marvelous Silent Barn, for a night of choreographed chaos. Smoke bomb!