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Fall Fundraiser Week: How To Fund DIY Creative Enterprises Panel

Wed, September 27 '17


Fall Fundraiser Week at Silent Barn - Night 3! Early event! Before the show!

Silent Barn Public Meeting # 15: How To Fund DIY Creative Enterprises

Panel Moderated by: Michael Lawrence – Attorney for Silent Barn & Owner of Lawrence Law

What are the best sources of funding for DIY Creative Enterprises? Ever since the housing bubble and the great recession of 2008, traditional means of funding start up businesses like bank loans have become more difficult to obtain and new modes of accessing capital like crowd-funding and micro-lending are more prevalent. Our panelists, who work at banks, crowd-funding & membership platforms, and are advisors to arts companies will take you through the whole funding process....discussing the increasing number of resources prospective DIY business owners have at their disposal to fund the start of their creative enterprises. Panelists will also address the steps prospective business owners can take to put themselves in the best possible position to access capital.

Panel Including:

Siena Oristaglio - The Void Academy Molly Neuman - Kickstarter Joe Ahearn - Friends Jeanne Hardy - Creative Business, Inc. Samira Rajan - Brooklyn Coop Federal Credit Union

Doors at 7pm. The panel will begin promptly at 7:30. After the panel, there will be a show featuring Dump Him / Worriers (solo) / Harkin / Espejos!

All events during September Fundraiser Week at Silent Barn (including this panel) are $8-20 sliding scale cover, with all proceeds after staff and artist payments benefiting the Silent Barn. You can also purchase a full-week pass by donating $50 or more:

7pm doors | 7:30 panel | 9:00 music