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Keziah Jones / Micah Gaugh

Mon, September 18 '17


Keziah Jones

A Nigerian-born rock musician influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Fela Kuti, Keziah Jones gained popularity in England and France with singles like "Rhythm Is Love" and "Beautiful Emile." Jones was sent to a boarding school in London when he was eight, and he started busking in the London Underground when he was in his teens, gigging in Covent Garden and Portobello Road.

His first album, Blufunk Is a Fact!, was released in 1992. Several more albums ensued over the next 15 years, fixing Jones as one of the more prominent blues-rock musicians on the European music scene in the late '90s and early 2000s. His most recent album is 2013's Captain Rugged:

"The modernity of post-colonial Africa is what I wish to show, far from the image often conveyed by the West of a continent devastated by famine and / or war. I speak of an urban Africa, young: 20 million people live in Lagos! Contemporary African culture is now a reality, especially in Nigeria. Today, the vivacity of African culture is proven, nourished by the diaspora." -Keziah Jones

Micah Gaugh

Micah Gaugh is a musician, singer, composer, producer, visual artist, novelist and filmmaker. ​"Stars are a Harem" is his latest album.

The 13-song suite, "Stars are a Harem" is a present-day response to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" - music steeped in the tradition of the avant-garde yet the harsh sounds associated with the avant-garde American Jazz music from the 1960's are softened, made round. With words inspired by the witty romance writing of Cole Porter, and songs that were popularized by Billie Holiday or Betty Carter. ​

7pm doors, show at 8pm