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Stayover Show: Kalbells / Terror Pigeon / Vail / Imperceivable Shifts / Casual Decay

Fri, May 26 '17 – Sat, May 27 '17


All night stayover show with music from Kalbells, Terror Pigeon (TN), Vail (IL), Imperceivable Shifts (GA), and Casual Decay

Doors for this show are 11 PM! Music at 11:20!! Come early for a sick spot! Bring blankets, pillows, and soft things for this 10 hour long marathon of R and R AND R. The 3rd R stands for "Rad!!!!" 6 bands from the 6 corners of part of America are cruising into BK, all intent on building you the perfect dream slumber!

We do not have enough room for air mattresses so bring things to lay on that aren't those!!

Bar will close at 4am.


Casual Decay (Troy) Jonathan Nasrallah's 1st ever show outside of an artic cave and 2nd show anywhere! wow! part 12 minute ambient set part 8 minute powerpoint on subtractive synthesis.

Kalbellsl Watch that little 30 second video above and it says a lot :) :) Perfect songs about floating, awesome 4 part harmonies, a day in the woods.

Vail (Chicago) Chicago's benevolent queen of the west returns to BK! Gorgeous dance music as told by a sorceress from another dimension! Next level costuming and courage. Real Dom is gonna be there and I think he plays a dog in her band.

Terror Pigeon Surround Sound Lay Down Hi! This is a little different from a normal TP dance show! here's the dirt: TPSSLD is a new show I built this winter. It's a set of mostly brand new TP music performed for an audience that is lying on the ground. The music is performed in hexaphonic sound, with a speaker in each corner and a subwoofer on each side of the audience all operating independently, creating a lush, serene, and for brief moments, punishing, soundscape. An accompanying movie, made by Jakob Biernat, will be projected on the ceiling. The show is a half hour long. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, foam, thermarests, and big stuffed animals to the show for their comfort. Air mattresses cannot be accommodated for spatial and sonic reasons.

Imperceivable Shifts Right before 2 am Will from Reptar will take the reigns of this night stallion and plummet us directly into the heart of slumber town, delivering a 8 hour dose of ambient music. Chill out, dream about how good this show is.

Chrome Sparks Ambient Set What if you had an alarm clock that was a siren's song + a babbling brook + the very voice of God? Well today you do! Chrome Sparks will be joining us for an ambient wake up set at 8:15 am :) Let Jeremy sonically massage your bones back to wakefulness. If you want to see CS but can't stay over, show up at 8 am! you will still have to pay!

$10 for 10 hours of music :)

A note on safety: lots of people will be lying down near each other. Please make sure you are being respectful of your fellow attendee's space and comfort. If you don't feel safe, ask a staff member or Jordan Michael or Neil Fridd for help! You can also text Jordan at 914-261-3199