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Safe Travels: Privacy Rights at the Border

Sat, May 20 '17 – Sat, May 20 '17


Border Patrol officers exist in a legal grey area which allows unique harassment and invasions of privacy. Join us for a discussion of your rights and how you can protect your information when crossing the border. Our holistic approach to security and risk reduction will emphasize individual context and how factors like citizenship, tech knowledge or employment may affect what precautions best suite you.

What Is CryptoSquad NYC?

Mission: To provide free, accessible, and fun workshops and events on cybersecuity to folks from marginalized communities and groups who want learn a bit bout digital defense. Made up of a group of some tech-minded folks who are very jazzed about cybersecurity. We offer workshops for activists, journalists, educators, and everyday folks who want to up their encryption game! Additionally, we offer personal security audits for groups/organizations who are concerned about their cyber-safety.