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International Independent Film Fair of Bogotá

Sat, April 22 '17


A night of screenings, zines, and dancing! First, a selection of independent short films from FECIBogotá - International Independent Film Fair of Bogotá, Colombia.


THE PARADE, Arijana Lekic- Fridrih, Documental/Experimental, Croacia, 8 min, 2016 THE EVENTS AT MR. YAMAMOTO’S ALPINE RESIDENCE, Tilmn Singer, Ficción, Alemania/Italia, 10 min, 2014 RING OF FIRE, Oliver Smith, Experimental, Estados Unidos, 5min, 2016 CARNE. Carlos Gómez. Animación, Experimental. HD. Colombia. 8 min. 2016 THE BOUDOIR. David Latreille. Video Musical. HD. Canada.3 min. 2014 APORIA. Kang Shin Gyu. HD. Ficción. Korea. 15 min. 2015. TEATRO ELÉCTRICO, Juan Camilo Moreno, Documental/Experimental, Colombia/Cuba, 10min, 2015

  • A selection of fanzines from Columbia & Mexico

  • Post punk / new wave dance party

FECIBogotá is an independent and self-managed fair which aims to consolidate itself in Bogotá and globally as a dissemination platform for the independent directors and producers that do not find their places in the commercial market or simply are not interested in it and for this reason they decide to look for alternative direction and screening spaces. We know that around the world there is enough talent in terms of the audiovisual area and not everybody has access to it. One of the greatest tasks of FECIBogotá is to call all these not well-known high quality audiovisual works, which have a different view of the world, so they can be known and generate an interaction between directors in order to create a wide work and support network among all.