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Jazz From The Future II: Azerbaijan A/V Club / Micah Gaugh + Marcela Lucatelli + Leon Gruenbaum / Jonah Parzen-Johnson

Sun, January 29 '17


Three performances that take the principles of jazz deep into the dark woods, and do wonderful, terrible things by the firelight.

Jonah Parzen-Johnson: A saxophonist living in Brooklyn, NY, Jonah Parzen-Johnson writes lofi music for solo saxophone and analog synthesizer. Imagine the raw energy of an Appalachian Folk choir, tempered by a lofi, minimal aesthetic inspired by the music of Bill Callahan. His carefully assembled analog synthesizer breathes with his saxophone, building independent melodic layers to support his sound, or soaring above his extended technique driven saxophone playing. All performed live, without any looping or recorded samples.

Micah Gaugh + Marcela Lucatelli + Leon Gruenbaum: A collaboration of saxophone from Panama, vocals from Brazil, and keyboards from NYC. Bio coming soon, but for now, just see it at , , and

The Azerbaijan A/V Club: Psychedelic multimedia electronic jazz noise silent cinema spectacle. The ultimate trip. A movie behind your eyelids. What the butler saw.