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Bystander Intervention & De-Escalation Workshop

Fri, December 23 '16


Bystander intervention and de-escalation involve a series of tools that can be consciously employed to defuse volatile situations. In this interactive workshop, bystander intervention and de-escalation will be presented in the context of self-defense and harm reduction. Students will identify verbal and non-verbal techniques and tactics to de-escalate conflict. Students will also learn the four Ds of bystander intervention – direct, distract, delay, and delegate. All of these tactics will be presented in tandem with the importance of larger scale community organizing and alternatives to policing.

NOTE: This workshop is not about physical self defense. It is specifically about de-escalation and bystander intervention, using verbal techniques to defuse potentially violent situations, and emphasizing the importance of combining this with larger scale community organizing in confronting racism and white supremacy.

This is a donation based workshop!