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Paper Jam Small Press Festival 6

Sat, October 1 '16 – Sat, October 1 '16


The sixth installment of Paper Jam (, a twice-annual and FREE small press / mini-comic / 'zine fair.

Paper Jam brings together a selection of local up and coming small press artists and cross pollinates their work with the art and music scene of the Silent Barn. Paper Jam is fully curated by: Robin Enrico, G.W. Duncanson, and Ø.K. Fox


1.) JMC Aggregate

2.) Jenny Zych

3.) Mike King + Benji Nate

4.) Stephanie Rodriguez

5.) Sara Lautman

6.) Sam Henderson

7.) Darryl Ayo

8.) L. Nichos

9.) Alyssa Berg

10.) Sven Hegedus

11.) Krystal Downs

12.) Troll Hole

13.) La Liga Zine

14.) Annie Mok

15.) Posture Magazine

16.) Sarah Crowe

17.) Morgan Sturgeon

18.) Bjorn Daniel Miner

19.) Cyril Mazard

20.) Daphne Brophy

21.) Gonzalo Guerrero


Make your own radio show with bel—air

A Screening of Local Animators

A Mini-Bushwick Vendors Market brought to you by Educated Little Monsters

An Open House with Disclaimer Gallery & Casa Experimental!

An Open Studio with Martha Ursula Moszczynski & Aftermath & Sean Benjamin!

And an interactive sound installation in Detective Squad!

poster by: Kat Fajardo