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Art : Visual Storytelling Part 1

Sat, September 17 '16 – Sat, September 17 '16


Art Part 1 Visual Storytelling Led by Silent Barn

We'll be drawing and telling stories. Supplies will be provided, but bring your own sketchbook, paint, markers, or pens if you have your favorites.

Refreshments and snacks will be served!

About Bushwick Crossroads:

Come talk about Bushwick and Bed Stuy at the Dekalb Library where people will be gathering around ideas like art, music, media, food, reading, and language, Silent Barn hopes to meet neighbors, make art, and tune in to the future.

The Silent Barn and the Dekalb Library will collaborate on a series of conversations and workshops Saturdays from12:00p.m.–2:00p.m. September 17–October 29. These events will take place in and around the Library, and an installation of books and media created by members of the Silent Barn collective will be on display during the project. Each week, a new theme will lead guide a conversation or activity.