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TBH Tour featuring Anna Archie Bongiovanni/ Hazel Newlevant/ Phalix.B/ Fist You Podcast

Tue, August 16 '16 – Tue, August 16 '16


~~But like, what’s the point? To be courageous and brave and fucked up but most of all, T.B.H.

The To Be Honest Art Tour is sex-positive queer art tour featuring a variety of work, including prints, embroidery, zines, comics, and homemade harnesses. Join traveling and local artists for a reading, discussion, and a pop-up shop--PLUS a super fun, quicky sexting workshop!

The T.B.H. tour is about wearing our desires on our sleeves: being obvious, voyeuristic, messy, complicated, but mostly just damn fun. Our queerness is our power but also our vulnerability. We believe that our desires make us stronger, that it's possible for us to be our own gazes as well as our own muses.

Featuring work by Anna Bongiovanni, Brie Morris, Phalix B, and local artists in each city. In New York we are pairing up with Hazel Newlevant for the event.

About the participating artists:

Anna Archie Bongiovanni is queer cartoonist whose work has been published online, in anthologies, in mini-comics, and graphic novels. They currently create a monthly webcomic for Autostraddle, as well as a contributing cartoonist to Everyday Feminism. Having self-published over thirty zines and mini-comics, they don’t shy away from being tough, honest, and self-reflective in their work.

Hazel Newlevant is a Portland-raised, Queens-based cartoonist. Her comics include If This Be Sin and No Ivy League, and she is the editor of Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers. Her work has been honored with the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.

Phalix.B is made up of three babes who like creating harnesses and chokers for other babes to wear. This trio is committed to making sex-positive and chub-positive gear for all genders. They use scrap leather and vegan material for all their wares. You can check out their stuff on social media to see the XXX, the BOOM BOOM or the RACK harnesses.

Fist You Podcast is a A bi-weekly podcast focusing on pleasure, sex toys, and kink from the perspective of two queer best friends. The podcast is meant to be entertaining and informational, talking about topics often under the radar in normal sex conversations, meant to validate and make visible queer bodies and sexual experiences.