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TFW#6: TFW i ain't thinkin bout u

Wed, June 29 '16


What are the things we say no to? The structures we have to turn our backs on in order to build livable realities? The negation before creation. The whispering monsters under our beds we can't ever actually forget but can temporarily shut our ears against. Tell em boy bye.


Camonghne Felix

Jes Skolnik

Liz Pelly

Ric Leichtung

Emma Behnke




TFW is a reading series with a simple mission: We want to showcase the stuff you write on the low, the unpublished stuff that even your closest friends might not get a chance to read. Maybe these other writing practices aren't ~secret~ so much as they're not your ~main thing~. We hope that TFW will evolve into a space for stepping into other roles: where bloggers are poets and lyricists are essayists and grantwriters are playwrites, etc. We also just really wanted to create a space where writers from different circles can hang out, get to know one another, and share their work IRL, where it won't be permanently archived or cycled as content.

xx nm & gabriela