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Middle Grey / Muyassar Kurdi / Fake Humans / Daniel Carter, Che Chen, Sue Garner & Amirtha Kidambi Quartet

Wed, June 1 '16

MIDDLE GREY presents MEDICINE MIRROR: a double cassette release on Cryptic Carousel recordings and a release show

with performances by:

Muyassar Kurdi Middle Grey Fake Humans Daniel Carter, Che Chen, Sue Garner & Amirtha Kidambi Quartet

and live video synthesis by Corey Bauer of Cryptic Carousel.

about the artists:

MUYASSAR KURDI “. . . a Dadaistic performance that falls between musical absurdity and autistic choreography. Completely concentrated upon her bizarre ritual, the singer – dressed in black – emits tortured vocalizations and cries worthy of Yoko Ono in full flight, all of it juggling with electronic effects and white noise. It’s incredibly in-your-face and perturbing but makes you smile too: the sheer pleasure of making a racket…” – L’Alsace (France)

FAKE HUMANS Fake Humans is the duo of Carl Didur (Zacht Automat, Battleship Ethel, No Dynamics) and Colin Fisher (Not the Wind Not the Flag, Bernice, Body Help, Caribou, etc). The name is an homage to a source of mutual inspiration—Philip K. Dick—and is not self-reflexive. Their combined musical vocabulary forms a unique lexicon of modal jazz, prog, minimalist and free improvisational nouns and verbs which they use to communicate a universal call to Awaken. Their affinity for extemporaneous freakouts tempered by a desire to engage with beauty and serenity suggest an implicit acknowledgment of the complexities of this process.

MIDDLE GREY Middle Grey is a collaboration between Anastasia Clarke (Silent Isle) and Jackson Randall. Voice, synthesizers, and electronic instruments drive their travels along spectra between improvisation and premeditation. They sonify a tension of opposites: restrained choruses are punctuated by guttural vocal outpourings, or industrial intensity is overtaken by subtle microrhythms. The duo is united by a desire to create a music that provokes, nourishes, and heals.

DANIEL CARTER, CHE CHEN, SUE GARNER & AMIRTHA KIDAMBI First-time quartet performance between members whose bios are too extensive, impressive, and wide ranging to possibly list:

COREY BAUER Corey Bauer is a sound and video artist, analog media specialist, and circuit designer. He is also the founder of experimental music organization/cassette label Cryptic Carousel.

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