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?!:New Works PRESENTS: Nic Adams presents Icarus in the L.E.S. | Lorelei Ramirez

Sun, April 10 '16

$58pm @ Vital Joint

!?:New Works -- the spiritual successor to The Exponential Festival -- is a month long festival of New York’s best experimental artists and theatre companies presenting brand new work.

Performances take place April 3rd - 29th in Vital Joint at The Silent Barn. !?:New Works fosters collaboration between New York performing artists and encourages aggressive experimentation amongst a wildly supportive network of fellow artists.

NIC ADAMS presents ICARUS IN THE L.E.S. (8pm) Icarus in the L.E.S. (work in progress showing) is an epic performance-poem that picks up where the myth left off. It presents Icarus - having never died when he fell from the sky - but instead living on, badly crippled. At present, he finds himself in Manhattan looking for respect and notoriety as an artist among the world's most mystical poets. The excerpt that will be shared at !?:New Works is a teched-out poetry reading featuring live field recordings of NYC street sounds and a performance by Isabella Sazak.

LORELEI RAMIREZ presents PERSON (8:30pm) 'Person' is a multimedia play about the journey of a toaster that explores what it is to be human after being rejected and forgotten by its owner. 'Person' explores the emotional depths of humanity, all while looking for human connection and dealing with the turmoil of loneliness.