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Bridging Boroughs: New Work

Sat, April 23 '16


New Work is a collective of New York Natives dedicated to creating opportunity and exposure for native New York City Artists. New Work recognizes the challenges that exist for people from immigrant / low income backgrounds to find networks and resources - we are here to bridge that gap so that native NYC culture is maintained for the next generation regardless of economic changes in our neighborhoods. The Welcome to New Work party will bring talent together from across the boroughs to share and interact.


"The Hands That Built America" exhibition by Merv Blue

Music by: Respect the Cool Royal Clutch Monsters of Brooklyn Rated R Ent Lars Be Lucy's Fire Prez Primo Shawn Hookz Johnny Petrop Strawhat Dynasty Nick Water Q91 King Bishop Tye Ego Akin Haynes

DJ set by Plugg One Sounds by BLK The Beatman Hosted by Siphus Steel