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Deathmatch By Audio VI

Sun, June 28 '15 – Mon, June 29 '15


The sixth installment of Deathmatch By Audio features a brand new cabinet by Michael Consoli for NOTHING GOOD CAN COME OF THIS. There will also be pop-up installations for BADBLOOD, NINJA TAG, and SUMER.

The Music:





The Games:

// Nothing Good Can Come of This \

Two players are trapped in a nearly featureless room. After waiting in near-silence, a loaded gun drops from a hole in the ceiling, falling between them. What happens next?

This is a minimalist local multiplayer game based around the struggle for control of a deadly weapon.

// Badblood \

Badblood is a deadly game of hide & seek. It is a local split-screen one-on-one brawler of the brain, not brawn — a hybrid of chess and street fighter. As one of the vengeful characters on a personal manhunt, you must use stealth, environment manipulation, and risk assessment to find and kill your opponent before they find you.

// Ninja Tag \

Ninja Tag is a fast paced local multiplayer stealth game in which players compete in a dark arena by hiding in the shadows and ambushing each other. Think of Towerfall meets Samurai Gunn in the dark.

// SUMER \

Sumer is a competitive strategy platformer set in ancient Mesopotamia. Four nobles race up and down a ziggurat, bidding in auctions and sacrificing resources to gain the favor of the gods.


SLAM CITY ORACLES is Jane Friedhoff's dance apocalypse simulator! Part Katamari, part Slave of God, and part Rampage, SCO is about dancing so hard you tear down a city in the process.


PARTICLE MACE is a 1-4 player game about defending yourself in a hostile universe by swinging particles into enemies and other players.

PARTICLE MACE is a game about capturing the thrill of classic arcade games with an unruly, physics-based mechanic.

PARTICLE MACE is a game about trying not to die, but that's impossible.

// NEST \

NEST is a new, competitive 2v2 local multiplayer game made from stop-motion felted wool.


Crystal Brawl combines the frenzied four-player action of Gauntlet with the over-the-top sports action of NBA Jam. Choose one of four unique characters, use your special abilities to hold off the enemy and dynamically transform the battlefield's terrain in your quest to run the Crystal Ball to your team's goal.


POWERBOAT ITALIA '88 is frenetic speedboat racing game that combines old-school button mashing with precision maneuvering and timing.

Up to 4 powerboaters storm their way toward the prospect of supreme victory and unending fame by boosting over hurdles, snagging powerups, and blocking the paths of their rivals.

Inspired by the heyday of Italian rally car racing, it's a true test of endurance... and a measure of just how far you'll go to win.

Games are on display from 6pm-8pm with live performances from 8pm-12