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Fri, March 13 '15


The logical follow-up to 100% DINOS and 100% ROBOTS, this party focuses on OUTER SPACE!

Outer Space touches so many zones and times and mediums and brains, and we want to go there.

WE WILL HAVE: -Adrian Price-Whelan will talk about galaxies and dark matter! -An surprise astrophysicist from Columbia shall present! - Pepper Laramie will read OUTER SPACE erotica! -ROMULUS: Baby Eyes (spacedancemusictheatre) with Joey LePage, Michael Howell, Leesah Liquidsteel! -Some new numbers from the Neil deGrasse Tyson musical! -Jo Firestone will host an OUTER SPACE-themed game that will change your life forever! -The eternal space realms of OZET will represent in video interludes! (Daniel Baker, Aaron Meicht, Scott Blumenthal) -The space lord, Tom Ritchford Swirly, making epic space sounds! -Space-centric band, The Landing, will play us all into the depths of the universe: -Ricardo D'Orlando will play a live sci fi soundtrack that my summon space ships. -Timothy McCown Reynolds will help us all try to understand ourselves and our universe by reading tarot in the Astrology Zone! -Greenscreen OUTER SPACE photobooth! Made possible by Chrissy Reilly and Seáncé. -Home-made universe T-Shirts by Theresa Buchheister, Larissa Hayden, Celia Muller, and Martha Ursula Moszczynski! -An installation of Planets! -Space Drinks: Rocket Fuel, RadioAction, Moonwalk, Alien Encounter! -OUTER SPACE costume competition with prizes! ... AND MORE!

Keep your eyes peeled for additional acts and votes on which outer space movie to watch super late!