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VERY FEELING (album release)/ EMPYREAN ATLAS (album release)/ BATTLE TRANCE

Thu, December 11 '14


9pm - Very Feeling (Album Release) 10pm - Empyrean Atlas (Album Release) 11pm - Battle Trance

Very Feeling from Planet Earth. Very Feeling means outer space. Very Feeling is neighbors. Tyler Gilmore uses electronics and live processing techniques to grab, twist, expand, and unhinge material played by saxophonist/clarinetist Patrick Breiner and saxophonist/guitarist David Crowell. On December 11 we celebrate the release of our first EP, Dynasty. The unique package features 4 tracks of music, each track accompanied visually by one part of a sci-fi adventure story penned by Patrick Breiner, and by an associated hand-screened art print by Connie Wang.

Empyrean Atlas is also from Planet Earth. And on December 11th we are also celebrating the release of a new record, Inner Circle. It is a euphoric wall of sound, a beautiful, joyful, new kind of music. Empyrean Atlas is David Crowell (guitar, alto saxophone), Andrew Smiley (guitar), Will Chapin (guitar), Greg Chudzik (bass) & Jason Nazary (drums).

Battle Trance is comprised entirely of tenor saxophonists Travis Laplante, Matt Nelson, Jeremy Viner, and Patrick Breiner. Their album length piece, Palace of Wind, isn’t merely concerned with demonstrating the virtuosity of the ensemble, nor with impressing or entertaining the listener. Instead, it is meant to be a portal of resonance where there is no separation between the listener and the sound.