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Jacob Kirkegaard | Judy Dunaway | i am now | Memory Veins (Shona Masarin + Andrew Hurst)

Thu, August 21 '14


Silent Barn is pleased to host a night of adventures in sound, light and object. Performing in order from last to earliest are:

Jacob Kirkegaard returns to Silent Barn while he is in town from Berlin for a residency at ISCP. Jacob was recently featured in MoMA's Soundings exhibition and uses field recordings evoking natural landscapes to transform a sense of place into something surreal and otherwordly. During the Summer of 2014, Jacob made underwater recordings of Hudson River. Æsturarium is his composition from these sounds. Estuaries are transition zones between a river and the sea.

Memory Veins is the synesthetic duo of Shona Masarin and Andrew Hurst. Expanded cinematic use of Dream Machines and light-fed-audio create an immersive, hypnotic space.

i am now is the solo project of Katinka Fogh Vindelev, who is also temporarily in NYC from Berlin.

Judy Dunaway returns to NYC to perform with balloons! Must be seen to be believed. Latex balloons of multiple sizes are genuine musical instruments.